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Which Trucking Software Is Right For Your Company?

Posted by on Jan 17, 2017 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Which Trucking Software Is Right For Your Company?

One of the first things you will notice when shopping for trucking software is that there are a lot of programs from which you can choose. Each program has different features that can potentially help streamline your business’s operations. Before selecting a program, here are some questions you should ask.   What Do You Want to Do With the Program? The needs of each trucking company varies. As a result, what you need from a program might differ from that of another trucking company. To effectively narrow your choices so you can focus only on those which fit your needs, you need to determine exactly what you want from a program.   For instance, do you need a program that can track invoices and also with the logistics of freight transportation? Do you need a program that can help you manage your customer service interactions, too?   As you assess your needs, keep a list. You should even ask for input from your employees who are also charged with helping to keeping your company running smoothly. Once you know what features you need in a program, you can turn your attention to the extra perks that could enhance your user experience.   Do You Need a Standalone Program? Some trucking software is designed to integrate with other programs so that you can easily transition from one feature to the next. Others are standalone programs that work independently of any other software that you use. You need to decide which one is best for you.   If you are considering a program that can be used with your others, you need to make sure it meshes well with every program you need to use with it. For instance, if you are currently using an accounting program and want to use the trucking software to track the drivers’ expenses, you need to ensure that you can pull data from both programs without issue.   Is Support Readily Available? Despite how tech savvy you and your staff are, there could be a moment when you need technical assistance with the trucking software. If technical support is unavailable, your business could experience delays that impact various aspects of your operations.   Before selecting your software, you want to be sure that regardless of the time of day or night, you can reach an agent that can help you and your staff resolve any technical issues. If technical support is unavailable, you could be faced with finding your own support.   Use the trial period of the trucking software to carefully assess it and determine what is right for your business. By taking your time and asking the right questions, you can be sure that you make a sound...

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How to Learn to Fly Your New Drone

Posted by on Jan 12, 2017 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on How to Learn to Fly Your New Drone

If you have purchased a new drone and are excited to start using it, you will want to first make sure that you have all of the knowledge needed. This way, you will not break any laws or cause damage to the personal property of other people. You will also be less likely to crash your drone. All you need to do is to make sure that you making use of some of the helpful suggestions about how you can go about learning to properly fly your personal drone. Take a Class There are more and more drone-flying classes popping up all over the place now that the ownership of personal drones is growing in popularity. A simple search will help you find the closest classes in your area. If you are having trouble finding a place that is offering classes, you can join an online forum or club and start asking around. You should have no trouble finding a lot of information. Use an Online Simulator You may need to sign up with a specific company for the use of their services, but this should be well worth it. While there will be a little bit of a difference between using a simulator and actually controlling one in person, you would be surprised at the vast amount of things that you can learn from using a simulator. Even if you have to spend a little bit of money to make use of a simulator, the experience that you will gain from that will help ensure that you are not wrecking your personal drone. After all, repairing or replacing your drone will cost more than it would cost to make use of an online simulator. Hire a Private Instructor Once you have your own drone and have learned as much as you can from classes and simulators, you will want to think about hiring a private instructor that can come out to your property or meet you in an area that is suitable for drone flying. This way, with the one-on-one instruction, you will be able to get more insight and will be able to ask more detailed questions regarding the experiences you are having right then and there. Before you know it, you will find that you will be able to get many entertaining hours out of the use of your drone. It is something you and your entire family can have a lot of fun...

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The Essential Tools To Help Manage Your Freelancing Work And Avoid Distractions

Posted by on Nov 16, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on The Essential Tools To Help Manage Your Freelancing Work And Avoid Distractions

If you are a freelance contractor, managing your time with your business is important. Distractions can be something that can cost you money. To avoid distractions, you may want to consider distraction-free software for tasks like writing documents. You may also choose to use software to manage your time and charge hourly rates to your clients. Here are some of the essential tools that can help freelance professionals manage their time wisely. 1. Using Distraction-free Software To Stay Focused While Working There are distractions like social media that can cause you to lose time. To prevent this from happening, you can use distraction-free software. One example of this is programs that open in full screen to keep you focused. There are also other programs for tasks like writing—for example, a simple editor for writing documents. With fewer distractions during your workday, you will be able to get more work done. 2. Time-Management Software To Help Track Hourly Work And Tasks Time is money, and when you spend too much time on a task, you are losing money. Time-tracking software can be a great way to see where you are using your time. It can also be used to track the time of those you hire and ensure that work is done quickly and efficiently. Time-tracking software will also allow you to analyze tasks and see how you can improve how you get work done. For information on online time-tracking software, contact a company like Timogix. 3. Managing Your Billing And Finances With Quality Billing Software Solutions With all the work that gets done improving your business, it is also important that you get paid. You will want to have professional billing software to help keep track of your finances. In addition, there are also business bookkeeping programs that can help you keep an eye on expenses and benefits you receive. The management of your billing software is important if you want to ensure you get paid for the work you get done. If you have hundreds of customers, it can also help to keep track of your clients and see where you are owed money. These are some of the essential tools that can help you keep track of your work and improve your freelancing business. If you are a professional, managing your time wisely is important. You can contact a time management software service to get the just what you...

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When Computers Talk: Understanding the Technology Behind Automation

Posted by on Sep 26, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on When Computers Talk: Understanding the Technology Behind Automation

Most people that use the web can appreciate its purpose and the added convenience it brings to their lives, but few understand what actually goes on behind the scenes that enables computerized devices to communicate and complete complex sequences. The same technology that allows web surfers to connect to the Internet powers factories and manufacturing facilities that are run off of automation. When you listen closely, understanding the language in which automated computers speak becomes simple, and you can use this information to make your day-to-day work run more smoothly. The Technology Behind Programmable Logic Controllers Years ago, electric switchboards, levers, pulleys, motorized components, and pre-set timers helped the automated industry to keep its factories and facilities running around the clock. Operations at these manufacturing facilities frequently stopped and started due to a combination of human error and mechanical failure. With the invention of programmable logic controllers, manufacturers were able to keep all processes running smoothly without interruption. Programmable logic controllers connect computer mainframes to all other digital devices within a computer, sometimes across facilities located miles away. Using a data highway plus technology and Ethernet IP protocol to intersperse data, functions have become much more precise and highly predictable. PLCs can be found at work in different industries ranging from pharmaceutical companies to military bases, allowing engineers to monitor systems and make adjustments in real time. Upgraded Automation-System Communication Protocols Evolving from programmable logic controllers that individually deal with each sequence within a facility, today’s automated technologies communicate using a combination of layered signals such as LAN to send multiple messages at the same time. As these technologies evolve on a continuous basis, automated industries must upgrade their hardware and software in order to meet new communication specifications.  Ethernet IP DH+ hardware is touted to be completely compatible with new software and automation system upgrades, which makes it a highly attractive investment to those heavily vested in the industry. Once in place, Ethernet IP DH+ hardware can be programmed and tweaked until it syncs up perfectly with existing protocols. Very few pieces of hardware in the computer industry have an infinite shelf life. Automated manufacturing systems allow companies to produce products at lightening speeds, aiding every process from sorting and packaging to quality control and shipping. As automation technologies change, businesses must upgrade their systems in order to maintain quality levels as well as meet consumer demand. Although computers are not entirely infallible, they can be programmed to achieve levels of consistency that are as close to perfection as humans have ever been able to approach in...

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Three Reasons Why You Should Go Into Business As An Arin IP Broker

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Technology is constantly advancing and more and more people are connecting to the internet and requiring IP addresses. As such, Arin IP brokers are making a decent amount of money working from home. You could be doing the same. Here are a few more reasons why you should go into business as an Arin IP broker. Selling IP Addresses is a Turnkey Operation IP addresses practically sell themselves because everyone needs one. That makes this line of work a virtual turnkey business. You do have to do a little networking when you get started so that you have a bunch of contacts to which you can continue selling IP addresses, but after that, it becomes one long, steady stream of sales that are connected to each other. Providing addresses for larger businesses and corporations is definitely your goal, since these places will need several addresses to start and will need more every time they connect new computers to their intranet. Success with your first few businesses and corporations leads to other businesses and corporations who will need IP addresses, and it just goes on and on. Startup Costs Are Relatively Low When you consider what some other entrepreneurial opportunities cost (e.g., the million-dollar price tag on a McDonald’s franchise), the startup costs on becoming an Arin IP broker are considerably lower. You can buy IP addresses in bulk and then sell them off at a higher dollar amount to turn your profits. You can do all of this without leaving your house and using just a laptop or desktop too, which is a plus because most everyone has a computer of some type anyway. You Can Undercut the Competition as a Broker Brokers usually are deal-cutters. They can find a way to undercut the direct sellers to sell something for less while still turning a profit on the amount of money they have invested into their businesses. The same holds true whether you sell stock, insurance or IP addresses. You have and build connections to numerous suppliers to get the best rates for your customers and still make very good money. Your cut is often the commission made on the sale of each address or each bulk order of addresses and the terms of sale with your contacts and IP address generators. If your customers went directly to the sources for this virtual good/service (and many would not because they would not know where to start) they would be charged significantly more, a selling point that is easy to incorporate in your direct...

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Tips For Increasing Your Home’s Security When You Have A Teenager

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Having teens in the house can present you with a whole set of new challenges. With the teen years often comes increased responsibility, along with more time in the home alone as well as leaving the house when no one is home. This can make you uneasy about how secure your home really is when you aren’t there to ensure everything is locked up. The following tips can help you keep your home secure and your family safe. Tip #1: Skip the house key House keys can easily be lost, especially by a distracted or absent-minded teenager. Instead of keys, consider opting for keyless entry pads. You have a few options: Combination key pad. This is the most common option. It is hooked into your alarm system so typing in the wrong combination too many times can lead to an alarm call, which is an added security feature. The main drawback is that a less than trustworthy friend can look over your teen’s shoulder to get the code. Smart phone entry. This requires an app on the phone, which is then used to trigger the lock on the door to open. This may not be the best option if your teen is also prone to losing their phone. Biometric locks. These respond to the fingerprints programmed into the locks, which means your teen or another person with approved access to the home has to be present in order to unlock the door. This can be the best option. Tip #2: Change codes often If you have a keyless entry pad or an alarm system, then make sure you change the codes on a regular basis. Monthly works well in most cases. This serves two purposes. First, you don’t want your teen to inadvertently give out the code, since this compromises your home’s security. Second, alarm and key pads can become worn from typing in the same code for months or years on end, which makes it easier for an intruder to guess the code. Tip #3: Alarm your windows and doors Being a teenager often means a bit of forgetfulness, especially since many responsibilities are new. This can lead to windows or doors being left open accidentally when your teen leaves the house. Fortunately, you can still ensure that the home is protected with the right alarm system. Opt for additional alarm features, such as extra alarm points on windows so that the alarm can be armed when the window is open. Another good option is to include motion detectors near windows and doors, since this will indicate if anyone takes this easy way in when they shouldn’t. Tip #4: Go for the monitoring Monitored alarms are the best option because your teen will likely make mistakes, from forgetting their code to simply forgetting to disarm an alarm. A quick phone call from the alarm company can prevent a false alarm call to the police department. Another form of monitoring to consider is a self monitored system through a phone app or computer portal. This way you can check on your house when you are at work. Some systems even allow you to view security cameras, lock doors, or even control the thermostat in the home while you are away. This way you can keep an eye on your...

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2 Cool Ways To Customize Your Band’s Speakers

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Playing in a live band gives you the opportunity to meet new people and participate in exciting shows at local venues. Live bands must be able to entertain their fans with a memorable concert, and the appearance of your equipment can either help or hinder your ability to make a lasting impression. One of the easiest ways to help establish the mood on stage and brand your band is by investing in speaker art. Here are two cool ways you can customize your band’s speakers in the future. 1. Add some vinyl decals to the box. The boxes surrounding your speakers provide the perfect canvas for some vinyl art. Since speaker boxes have a smooth surface, applying vinyl decorations to them is simple. All you need to do is work with a graphic designer who can turn your decorative ideas into a visual image that can be cut from vinyl sheets. Simply peel the vinyl decals off the protective backing and apply them to your speaker boxes. Vinyl art allows you to easily incorporate your band’s logo onto the equipment you will use on stage during live shows. Since you can easily peel off the vinyl decals without damaging your speaker boxes when you are ready for a new look, vinyl provides a versatile and affordable solution for creating a cool customized look. 2. Paint the grill cloth. Another simple way to customize the appearance of your band’s speakers is to change the color of the grill cloth. Most grill cloth covering speaker cones comes in a matte black color. If you want to add some interest to your sound system, using a fabric dye can be a simple way to create a new on-stage look. All you need to do is remove the grill cloth from your existing speakers. Soak the cloth in some bleach to help lighten up the black color, then use a fabric dye you purchased from your local craft store to give the grill cloth a new color. It’s best to use water that is at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit and add a tablespoon of laundry soap to your dye to ensure that the color is distributed evenly throughout your new grill cloth. When you have achieved the desired color, spread your grill cloth on some newspaper to dry, then reassemble your speakers once again. Finding ways to make your band more memorable can be a challenge, but incorporating speaker art into your on-stage look can be a great way to make a lasting impression. Try investing in some vinyl decals for your speaker boxes and using fabric dye to change the color of your speakers’ grill cloths to create a customized sound system. Contact a company like Onsia for more...

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Computer Slowdown Problems Have A Variety Of Fixes

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Without a lot of training in computer repair or at least years of curiosity and research, it can be hard to pinpoint the exact cause of a slow computer. Although some of the more obvious signs of virus infection such as pop-up ads and fake warnings are easier to catch, there are many times when slow performance simply means that it’s time to clean up your computer. Take a look at a few issues that have nothing to do with viruses if virus scans are showing up negative. Slow Performance Issues Without Dangerous Files Computer performance doesn’t last forever, whether you’re using a computer with a moving parts hard drive or one of the newer Solid State Drives (SSDs) with no moving parts. Both technologies eventually wear out because of minuscule damage that eventually adds up. Platter hard drives eventually become scratched or worn out as magnets create peaks and valleys in the surface, while SSDs use an electrical charge (a form of heat, like any electricity) that can eventually wear out storage cells. In either form of wear out, random data eventually becomes inaccessible, and even attempts to relocate and repair data to safe areas will eventually fail as more areas become damaged. Age-based wear and tear isn’t the only “natural” slowdown cause. As you pack more files on a hard drive, it simply takes more time to search for that information. Random Access memory (RAM) plays a part in keeping the most common files at easy, fast access, but even memory can fill up–and as you add more memory, the same search problem can happen. It’s always good to have enough free space on your hard drive and to clear out files that the system isn’t using. This does not mean that you need to get rid of your own old files, but instead a cleaning of temporary files that make it easier to find common information. Most major operating systems (OS) have built-in cleaning functions, and there are third party cleaning programs available with different methods of continuous organization. Storage Solutions To Create Efficient Computers When cleaning is done, a new storage drive may be in order to store your information. Most major operating systems also have a warning system for when you have too much information, which is a sure indicator of needing a new drive with more capacity. This can be in the form of a physical drive inside the computer, a pocket drive (known as thumb drives, USB sticks, and stick drives) or even online storage. Internal drives can be hard to install if you aren’t a professional, as it involves working near many cables, fans and electrical contacts that could lead to bigger problems if you nudge or disconnect the wrong thing. At the same time, internal drives are often the cheapest way to get a major boost in storage space. There’s no deep market or complex technology reason for the cost; an external hard drive is simply an internal drive with a case that allows quick connecting to ports such as USB ports. You’re simply paying for more parts with an external drive for the sake of convenience. If you’d like help selecting the right technology for extra storage or would like suggestions on how to keep your computer’s file system clean, contact...

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Tips for Designing an Open Office Plan

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If you are a company that is thinking about going from a cubicle farm to an open office plan, you might feel overwhelmed with the number of details that you have to consider. You need to make sure that you have enough space for everyone to sit, that you organize quiet spaces for people to do sensitive work or meet with groups, and that you have enough well-placed outlets and ethernet cables to connect everyone to electricity and the internet. Here are some tips for designing your open office plan. 1. Install Durable Flooring and Purchase Easy-to-Move Furniture Open office plans allow more collaboration and allow employees to feel more connected. However, they can also be extremely distracting for people who need silence and private space to get their work done. You can keep the collaboration and connection but increase the feeling of private space by making sure that the vast majority of the furniture that you purchase is easily movable, meaning that the chairs and desks are on wheels that can be locked when they are not being moved. You also want to be sure that the floor of your office is up to the challenge of having furniture moved all over it each day. Don’t get a floor that scuffs easily. Finally, make sure that you purchase several large whiteboards on wheels. Groups can use these to plan projects, but people who are having a hard time concentrating can also use them as a makeshift wall while they are getting started with their project. 2. Add Private Offices Along the Sides Even if you just have to use cubicle walls while you gather the funds for something more permanent, make sure that you have private offices along the sides. These offices shouldn’t belong to anyone, but instead should be available to be signed out so that groups can meet in private or so that someone who is having a hard time getting started on a project can have the space to think without dealing with a ton of noise. 3. Add Alternatives to Sitting Finally, try to incorporate large yoga balls, standing desks, and even treadmill desks to your office. This will allow your employees to stay healthy and slightly active while they are working on a computer all day.  For more information, talk to a company that specializes in office design services, such as Office Systems...

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What Is The Right Coaxial For Your Cable TV?

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A coaxial cable has along needle on each end that fits into the out port and in port of the television and the cable source.  There are many types of coaxial cables in the market that are ideal for different applications, such as broadband internet or satellite TV.  Examples of coaxial cables include the Slim RG59, RG59, and RG11 and the RG6. With the endless options in the market, it is important to pick the right coax for your cable TV to avoid a myriad of problems, such as loss of signal. RG6 is the perfect choice due to the reasons outlined below. What is a coaxial cable? A coaxial cable is the thick wire that connects your cable box to the source and also into your television from the antenna. It has a core wire that carries the coax voltage from the power source. Additionally, there are several layers of shielding inside the core that surround the coaxial cable to prevent any signal leakage. The dielectric is the first layer that provides insulation and also separates the core from the outer layers. The other layers are known as the shield and they keep away radio transmissions and electrical impulses from getting into the coaxial cable. The entire cable is enclosed in a flexible plastic jacket that protects it from stray signals and ensures the wire does not expand or contract. The RG code that stands for Radio Guide is used to distinguish the various coaxial cables in the market. Numbers are randomly assigned to distinguish the different specifications of RG coaxial. The RG6 The RG6 cable is designed to suit all the requirements of your cable TV. It is equipped with a large conductor that enhances the signal quality. Also, it has a thicker dielectric insulation that prevents the cable from carrying excess electric voltage that can cause damage to your TV. Most of all, its unique shielding allows the RG6 to handle the Ghz level signals more effectively. Superior shielding Shielding prevents the coaxial cable from losing the signal thereby improving the quality of signal you receive on your cable TV. The RG6 coaxial cable comes in both quad and double shielding. Quad shielding means that they are more layers that will offer increased protection against signal loss and minimize interference by stray transmissions. Another important factor to consider when installing the RG6 cable is the length. A long running cable is more prone to signal loss, so you should keep your installation short. When you go out to buy a coaxial for your cable TV, make sure you get the RG6. You will be able to enjoy uninterrupted viewing caused by signal...

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